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Standart Thinking is a project rooted in action research and education set within a social-ecological framework. Looking at the intersection between art, culture and ecology as fundamental pillars to activate sustainable development processes, the work links theoretical and practical skills with the aim to revitalize traditional knowledge and practices in synergy with contemporary practices.

Activating ideas and alternative lines of action that challenge the predominance of one culture over another, the precedence of specialized knowledge over localized knowledge and competition over collaboration, the project provides a meeting place for the coalescing of practices and skill sharing between artists, designers, social scientists, food producers and the broad community. 

This is facilitated through the formulation of multi-disciplinary schemes, activities and cultural programmes including workshops, research, 

seminars, installation, publishing and design.

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​Projects and research include: Cultural Paths, an inter-regional platform for cooperation, between Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, Rural cultures / Regenerative visions, an ongoing collaboration with Berwick Visual Arts, Politics of food program at Delfina Foundation, UK, and contributor to their recent publication under the same title, Cultural Sustainability in the arctic context, Arctic Arts Summit, University of Lapland, Refinery of cultural sustainable practices, Arts Promotion Centre, Finland, Weaving creative ecologies,Artist residency programme for Swedish Lapland Air, Sweden, P.E.A.T.S rural development fieldwork for Grampus Heritage, Cyprus/UK, Panacea, supported by the Onassis Foundation and Locus Athens, Greece, amongst others. 


The potential and possibilities within our immediate environment should not be underestimated. Understanding is developed not only by pondering, but also by handling situations practically, as a good gardener manages his garden.

Standart Thinking is lead by Javier Rodriguez. Get in touch

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