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Politics of Food 

Delfina Foundation. UK / 2014 - 2015

F. T. Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurist Cookery to Gordon Matta-Clark’s conceptual restaurant to Michael Rakowitz’s Enemy Kitchen, artists have long employed food within their creative process and practice.


In recent years, a host of cultural practitioners has been interrogating relationships between food and environmental, economic and social concerns, as well as notions of cooking and eating as performative acts and of dishes, recipes, and cookbooks as oft-contested markers of cultural memory. 


Standart Thinking devised a threefold program of activities and Sound Seminar for Delfina visiting artists in residence. Looking at practical examples to tackle some of the issues presented by the programme.

This is not cheese it’s dynamite

A cheese making workshop with William Oglethorpe at Kappakesien Dairy in Bermondsey, London. 

Kappakesien Dairy is an excellent example of how an urban food producer working within a circular economy framework can succeed in producing delicious  and economically sound results. 

William explained his working ethics while all participants learned the basics of Gruyere type cheese making methods.

Politics of Food  Book


The Politics of Food book is a culmination of much of the thinking that has taken place at Delfina throughout the programme, and will examine the infrastructure of global and local food systems, its impact on the city/ society and social organisation, alternatives and sustainability, climate and ecology, health and policy, science and biodiversity, identity and community, diasporic food, industrial food production, heritage, co-operatives and seasonal migration labour.


As an important document of new research and thinking around the subject, the book is split into four sections: Food Futures / Food and Identity / Food Journeys / Hospitality. An artist ‘portfolio’ section will present original statements, interviews across disciplines, and projects by some of the artists that have participated in the Politics of Food programme.

Meshwork:  A brief overview

Standart Thinking's contribution in collaboration with artist @leiladear.

Gathering propositions and ideas since participating in the residency programme. During this time I've had the fortune to collaborate, learn and work with Colin Tudge and the College for Real Farming and Food Culture in the Uk, The cooperative Eparkeia Koinsep in Greece and London based artist Leila Dear.  These experiences have enriched my way of imagining sensible futures that are attainable - within a practical framework that sustains ethical farm practices and conviviality. It is my wish to share some of these reflections and ideas in the context of this publication.

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