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Soil Soul Society

Arvidsjaur / Sweden September 2016

A scheme for cultural integration supported by Norrbotten Regional Council of Sweden in collaboration with Lomtrask108.

Standart Thinking facilitated a series of workshops that dwelled primarily on the importance of food, cooperation and exchange; the connection with the local natural surroundings for new members of the regional community. 

A Field trip to the local organic farm to learn regional customs and approaches to food cultivation was the starting point of the long weekend. Traditional bread and smoked Reindeer meat were among the delicacies we all got to learn to prepare.

A day for foraging and another for fishing with Mikel, our local fishing expert was spent. Participants learned how to make hand made fishing rods using basic techniques. Mushrooms, berries and fish were among the trophies of the two days. Film screenings complemented the learning experience.

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