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1.Introduction to Monoculture relating to agriculture and cultural industry.

2.Screening of ‘Our Daily Bread’ with serving of mono-foods, such as Tesco chicken wings, Value Olives, Tomatoes from the South of Spain. 

3.Screening of film director Peter Watkins talking about the Monoform in audio-visual media. 

4.THE ALTERNATIVE.  Aquaponics system as an example of a Permaculture system.

5.Preparing the fish and salad. Scaling, gutting, and cooking the fish on Ju Yeun’s Urban Picnic set. 


Introducing the problematics of Monocultures, counterpointing Permanent-Culture as a logical antidote. We looked at working models, such as our aquaponics system that is up and running in our base.

A collaboration with Ju Yeun Kim, who has made an urban picnic set . A meal will be prepared live, using all the ingredients from the aquaponics system. We will gut the fish, grill it and prepare a fresh salad harvested from the unit.


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