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A Workshop in 3 stages:

1 The Hearth: building a cob oven and traditional

ceramic kiln.

2 Contrivance: ceramic workshop drawing from local heritage and culinary culture. The items will be fired in the kiln constructed at the previous stage.

3 Edibles: Triticum Dicoccum (emmer wheat): brief history and bread making workshop.

The bread was baked in the cob oven followed by a public food feast using the agricultural university’s own produce. Food was served and displayed in the utensils created by participants. 

The workshops were co-lead with Eparkeia Koinsep, a social cooperative based in Xanthi, Thrace, dedicated to promote self sufficiency and sustainability with food and energy as its core practice.


Together with cultivating organically Triticum Dicoccum (emmer wheat), they’ve developed and constructed their own peeling equipment and grinding stones specifically tailored for this heritage grain. They also operate a ceramics studio where production of ceramics and workshops are held.

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