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The Politics of Food book is the culmination of much of the thinking that took place throughout the Politics of Food Programme, and will examine the infrastructure of global and local food systems, its impact on the city/ society and social organisation, alternatives and sustainability, climate and ecology.

Meshwork: A brief overview gathers propositions and ideas that Standart Thinking collected since participating in the Politics of Food programme at Delfina Foundation. Having had the fortune to collaborate, learn and work with Colin Tudge and the College for Real Farming and Food Culture in the UK, the cooperative Eparkeia Koinsep in Greece, London-based artist, Leila Dear to name a few, these experiences have enriched our way of imagining sensible futures, futures that are attainable within a practical framework that sustains ethical practices and conviviality. It is our wish to share some of these reflections and ideas in the context of this publication.


Arctic Arts Summit 2019 -

The Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable cultural policy

The Arctic region is changing rapidly. On the one hand, ecological, cultural, social and economical changes pose challenges for well-being and sustainable development and on the other hand, some of the changes also create new possibilities. In the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 the challenges and circumstances in the Arctic are seen as 'laboratory' in which sustainable art and cultural policy is developed in collaboration with all of the Arctic counties. Artists and representatives of art and cultural policy will discuss the theme and promote circumpolar collaboration.


Standart Thinking will be panelling discussions exploring sustainable cultural development and art residencies in the nordic context: Do residencies reinforce the process of cultural homogenisation, or are they supporting cultural diversity? How would we consider this to be reflected through our projects? What value framework are we bringing into play?

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