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Notes on the interpretation of nature


“The unveiling by which nature is conceived as a link
of calculable forces of effects can certainly allow
exact findings, but precisely through these results remains the danger that in all exactness truth would retract”  
Heidegger (The Question of Technique)


Organum dissects the logic of mathematics and its predominance in contemporary scientific thought as the language of preference to interpret nature. Organum seeks to ask what new possibilities may arise from adopting and incorporating the language of poetry. Only by waking up from our solipsistic dream can we experience the fullness of reality. The possibility of this reunion will depend on the reunification of what is nature in human with what is nonhuman in nature. This resemiotization will allow us out of the isolation in which we find ourselves.

This essay, by Venezuelan Professor Diego Griffon, has been published as part of an ongoing collaboration with Standart Thinking that stems from conversations at the peasant’s school in San Chorquiz, just outside Caracas. It follows on from the publication FIELDS, that provides an overview of Standart Thinking’s theoretical discourse, exploring the potential transition from Monoculture to Permaculture.



standart thinking organum
standart thinking organum
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