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27th March 2018 – 15th June 2018

Produced by Onassis Cultural Centre in collaboration with Locus Athens and the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

The Onassis Cultural Centre in a project curated by Locus Athens aimed to reintroduce the Agricultural University to Athenians, inviting them to discover one of the country’s first academic institutions as a relevant and necessary oasis within the urban landscape. Soil, food, seeds, eco-systems will be some of the vital bi-products of research into the primary materials on hand. Academic knowledge, technological methodologies, agricultural practices will be understood through the prism of contemporary art.

Standart Thinking  lead a program of workshops. A threefold exercise exploring fundamental processes and interactions between food and eating: The hearth, utensils and edible matter.

A Workshop in 3 stages:

1 The Hearth: building a cob oven and traditional ceramic kiln.

2 Contrivance: ceramic workshop drawing from local heritage and culinary culture. The items will be fired in the kiln constructed at the previous stage.

3 Edibles: Triticum Dicoccum (emmer wheat): brief history and bread making workshop.

The bread will be baked in the cob oven followed by a food feast using the university’s produce. Food will be served in the utensils created on previous stage of the workshop.The workshops will be co-lead by ST and Eparkeia Koinsep.

Eparkeia Koinsep is a social cooperative  based in Xanthi, Thrace, dedicated to promote self sufficiency and sustainability. Together with cultivating organically Triticum Dicoccum (emmer), they’ve developed and constructed their own peeling equipment and grinding stones specifically tailored for this heritage grain.  They also operate a ceramics studio where production of ceramics and workshops are held.


“The first sign of settlement and rest after the hunt and wandering in the desert is today, as when the first men lost paradise, the setting up of the fireplace and the lighting of the reviving, warming, and food preparing flame. Around the hearth the first groups formed: around the hearth the first groups assembled; around it the first alliances formed; around it the first religious concepts were put into the customs of a cult.”

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