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Arctic Arts Summit 2019 - The Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable art and cultural policy.

Rovaniemi, Finland / 3 - 5 June 2019

The Arctic region is changing rapidly. On the one hand, ecological, cultural, social and economical changes pose challenges for well-being and sustainable development and on the other hand, some of the changes also create new possibilities.


In the AAS  2019 the challenges and circumstances in the Arctic are seen as ‘laboratory’ in which sustainable art and cultural policy is developed in collaboration with all of the Arctic counties. Artists and representatives of art and cultural policy will discuss the theme and promote circumpolar collaboration.

Standart Thinking was invited to participate as panelist to present and discuss regenerative visions for cultural development and art residencies in the nordic context: 

Do residencies reinforce the process of cultural homogenisation, or are they supporting cultural diversity? How would we consider this to be reflected through our projects? What value framework are we bringing into play?

Refinery Project / Russia / Lithuania / Finland

Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Oct 2018 > Nov 2019

A project running over a year exploring the potential of culture as a force for sustainable development across the nordic region.

The program comprised of field trips to Petrozavodzk, Russia, Vilnius, Lithuania and Rovaniemi  and Helsinki , Finland. In each location we had an opportunity to meet local cultural actors, visit cultural associations, museums and listen to a variety of presentations from experts working in different disciplines. 


We looked at service design tools and methodologies to develop comprehensive ideas around cross-sectoral collaborations in the fields of culture, tourism and environment according to local resources, traditions and  people.  


Through this program, Standart Thinking established and develop working partnerships to create an arts mobility program focusing on rural cultural heritage and vernacular crafts across the Barents Region. 

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